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Developer Designer handoff with Merge
Design Handoff: What it Looks Like with UXPin Merge by Robert Kirkman

The following article is written by UXPin’s developer, Robert Kirkman, who shares how UXPin Merge makes the design handoff easier from both (a developer and designer) perspectives. Once the prototypes are ready for production, the designer hands them off to developers. Such a process can be troublesome – the right tool stack being a part

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404 page best practice
404 Page Best Practices – Top 5 UX/UI Design Tips by UXPin

No matter how incredible the design is, 404 pages can frustrate your users. The UX design team’s goal is to provide the fastest solution to fix the error with minimal effort. 404 pages are an interesting facet of website design. Some designers choose to be creative, while others clearly have better things to do–like this

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Dark Patterns
Dark Patterns in UX Design — Which Ones Are the Most Deceptive? by UXPin

User experience design is a powerful discipline with a fine line between assistance and manipulation. Organizations often use dark patterns to trick users into decisions they otherwise wouldn’t choose. Sometimes these dark patterns don’t have malicious intent, but the result is the same. Understanding dark patterns and their consequences is crucial for UX design teams.

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Design Frameworks
UX Design Frameworks – What Are The Most Useful Ones? by UXPin

Many organizations and startups adopt one or more UX design frameworks to deliver successful projects. Design teams use these frameworks to guide decision-making and solve problems. Design frameworks can help with project delivery, like Lean UX or Double Diamond, or achieve outcomes for a specific feature by applying the Fogg Behavior Model or Hooked Model.

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Design System Structure
Top 3 Design System Structures by UXPin

Many teams envision creating a design system as a difficult, time-consuming project. It forces team members to audit their user interface, create a repository of design system elements and design guidelines and combine it in a way it’s usable for the entire organization It’s not the only way you structure a design system, though. There

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The Responsibilities of Developers During Design Handoff 1
What Designers Can Do to Ensure a Smooth Design Handoff by UXPin

If you are close or are finishing up your design after a series of iterations, then you are probably anticipating the next step—the design handoff. There are many ways to unsuccessfully pass along your designs to the development team. To help ease your mind and make this process easier, we have compiled a list that

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