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5 Art Portfolio Examples that Will Leave you Awestruck by UXPin

An art portfolio is a curated collection of an artist’s best work. It promotes the artist’s work and attracts potential employers, clients, galleries, or educational institutions. Most professional artists present their portfolio in form of an artist website and today we’re going to go through a couple of artist portfolios to help you build one.

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What is a User Interface
How to Create an App out of a Website by UXPin

Turning a website into an application involves adapting and extending the functionalities and design of the website to fit the framework and user expectations of a mobile, desktop or web app. Let’s see how to make website an app, when is the right time to do so, and which websites became apps. Design on-brand and

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UI design trends
10 UX UI Design Trends that Dominate 2024 by UXPin

AI in design, animated icons, cross platform UX are some of the most exciting 2024 UX and UI design trends. Our research has also noticed an interesting UX UI trend toward larger screens, with Instagram improving its desktop experience to accommodate the growing demand. Create high-quality, fully functioning prototypes to test your UI design ideas

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Top React Libraries
Top React Component Libraries by UXPin

Modern websites and apps rely on front-end frameworks to develop, maintain, and scale user interfaces. React’s Javascript library is arguably the most popular front-end framework with many component libraries to build digital products. We’re going to explore the top React UI libraries and how to choose the right one for your next project. With UXPin

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Material ui Alternatives min
11 Best Material UI Alternatives by UXPin

Material UI, developed and maintained by MUI, is a popular React component library that implements Google’s Material Design guidelines. It offers a comprehensive set of reusable and customizable components, such as buttons, cards, menus, form elements, predefined styles, and themes. The library promotes a modular and structured approach to building user interfaces, enabling developers to

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The Best React Design Patterns You Should Know About
The Best React Design Patterns You Should Know About in 2024 by UXPin

There is no denying the immense popularity and practicality of React. For a long time, most web design was built with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. React brought a much-needed sigh of relief for developers with its ease of use. The reusable components, great developer tools, and extensive ecosystem are some of the most loved features

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