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Design System Accessibility
Design System Accessibility: Check What You Need to Know by UXPin

An accessible design system makes it easier for designers to create products that don’t discriminate users with disabilities. Design a system that is accessible in the first place, test it with available tools, and audit it from time to time to ensure it fits the standards. Let’s see how. Design system accessibility is the first

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7 Advanced Prototyping Features
7 Advanced Prototyping Features That Help You Build Better Prototypes by UXPin

The quality and fidelity of your prototypes can significantly impact the design process and the final product. With advanced prototypes (that look and function like the final product), UX designers can get better results from usability testing and fix any issues before they get to the design handoff. The problem? Most leading vector-based design tools

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1200x600 blogpost webinar 1
Join Our Free Webinar “Defending Your Design System” by UXPin

How do you create support for your design system? Most designers agree that design systems provide a host of benefits, from ensuring design consistency to making design onboarding faster. It’s worth creating one for any project for sure. It’s relatively easy to show other designers the value of design systems, but how to convince stakeholders

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Developer Designer handoff with Merge
Design Handoff: What it Looks Like with UXPin Merge by Robert Kirkman

Once the prototypes are ready for production, the designer hands them off to developers. Such a process can be troublesome for some teams – the right tool stack being a part of that. There are quite a few design tools that help with design handoff, but what’s the difference between them when handing off prototypes

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ROI Design
Design ROI – How to Calculate the Value of Design Investments? by UXPin

Due to its subjective nature, UX design is not simple to quantify and measure. UX also indirectly affects other areas of the business, namely sales, marketing, support, and engineering. But, for UX design to succeed within an organization, design leadership must demonstrate the value of its design investments. A 2016 report from Forrester, The Six

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