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How to Use Flowcharts to Plan Your Processes and Workflow copy 4
Video game prototyping – How To Do It and Why You Should! by UXPin

Video games might just be the most sophisticated and complex type of art today. It takes a perfect blend of technical skill and creative inspiration to develop an AAA title. Video game prototyping is one technique to help build a clear vision of the game you want to create early in the process – with

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Why Do You Need a UX Researcher on Your Team
Why Do You Need a UX Researcher on Your Team? by UXPin

Gone are the days when UX Design was viewed as a single domain. Back then, companies used to hire a single resource under the job title of ‘UX Designer’.  Sometimes, we even saw the atrocious coupling of job descriptions of a UI and UX Designer under the garb of ‘UI/UX Developer’ or ‘UI/UX Engineer’. Gladly,

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7 Benefits of Responsive Web Designs for Your Business
7 Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Your Business by UXPin

No matter what industry you work in, your business plays a critical role in business success. Modern consumers don’t want to call companies to ask questions. They want to find information online. Responsive web designs make it easier for everyone to access the information and services that they need. When you use responsive designs, expect

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How Lorem Ipsum Kills Your Designs
How Lorem Ipsum Kills Your Designs by UXPin

Designers and publishers have been using Lorem ipsum for decades to fill in areas where they expect text to go. Even some versions of Microsoft Word let you insert Lorem ipsum text into your documents. The meaningless, fake-Latin seems to function pretty well as a placeholder for future text. Until, that is, you learn how

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How to Use Flowcharts to Plan Your Processes and Workflow
How to Use Flowcharts to Plan Your Processes and Workflow by UXPin

Learning how to use flowcharts can feel a bit daunting at first. However, taking the time to master flowcharts will make it much easier to plan your processes and workflow. As a result, you should find that your future projects move more efficiently. You could also improve the accuracy of your team’s work by identifying

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How to Design With Contrast
How to Design With Contrast by UXPin

When you begin studying graphic design, you probably think that color plays the most important role in contrast. A lot of people immediately think of the stark contrast between white and black. As you gain more skills and become more aware of trends in the design world, though, you will likely notice that some professionals

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