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next js vs react
NextJS vs React — Which One is Better for Web Development? by UXPin

Next.js and React are related but serve different purposes and have distinct features. React in the context of Next.js is the foundational library used to build the user interface components, while Next.js provides a framework with added features and conventions for building React-based web applications. Design interactive interfaces without pushing pixels. Bring your coded components

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Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design
Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design: What’s the Best Choice for Designers? by UXPin

Google has always recommended responsive web design (RWD), especially after rolling out a big update on 4/21/15 which ranked mobile-friendly sites higher. It doesn’t specify in the update that you must use responsive design though, just that a site be accessible on mobile, with good UX and performance. With that in mind, let’s examine the

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Figma to React min
Figma to React — Best Plugins and Alternatives by UXPin

The transition from design to code is a challenge for many product teams. Figma is the cornerstone of many design processes, but translating its visual elements into interactive React components is a complex and often tense task for designers and developers. Let’s explore the Figma-to-React conversion process, evaluate top plugins, and unveil an alternative to

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Design Tokens
What Are Design Tokens? by UXPin

The design system revolution of the last decade has brought with it all sorts of tools and strategies to enhance product development workflows. Design tokens are one of those tools many design systems, including Google’s Material Design 3 and MUI, have adopted to make UI elements easier to implement, manage, and update. Import your design

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BlogpostHeader CodingLanguages 1200x600
Coding Languages to Know in 2024 by Hunter Amato

In the constantly evolving, technology-driven world we live in, it’s vital to stay on top of the most updated programs and applications out there. In order to have your site, app, game, etc. on the forefront, you have to stay updated with the best coding for your needs. There are tons of new coding languages

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Programming Languages for UX Designer
Which Programming Languages and Frameworks Will You Hear About as a UX Designer? by UXPin

With hundreds of programming languages, it can be overwhelming for UX and product designers to comprehend or decide which one is worth learning. While learning code isn’t essential for a UX designer’s job, it can help them understand technical constraints and improve collaboration with development teams. This article explores six programming languages for UI/UX designers

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