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Benefits of Adding Video to Your Prototypes
Your Prototype Videos Could Come With Big Benefits by UXPin

The amount of online video has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2020, 239 million people viewed digital videos. Google Sites, which includes YouTube, had 205 million unique views in January 2021.  Obviously, people enjoy video content. Many companies, however, do not add videos to their products until right before their release dates. It makes

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How to Improve Your Product Design and Development Model copy 3
Best Ways to Evaluate Your Design for Color Contrast by UXPin

Using a color contrast checker can make your designs more attractive and accessible to people with vision problems. Worldwide, about 300 million people have colorblindness. About 2.2 billion people have vision issues that could make it difficult for them to use your digital products. Understanding the positive and negative effects of some color combinations will

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Bridge gap ux designers copywriters
UX Writing and UX Design: How to Bring Them Together by UXPin

More often than not, product development starts with a UX designer making a wireframe or a UX writer working on the text. The first step determines what happens after that. If your writers have wireframes full of lorem ipsum, they can try to create influential text for landing pages, blog posts, and other products. If

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Design and Development
Making It Easier for a Designer and Developer to Collaborate on Projects by UXPin

The gap between designers and developers often slows workflows and makes it harder to bring products to market. Without strong collaboration between your design and development product teams, you will likely find that your company has to correct a lot of mistakes before you can finalize a product and release it to consumers. You don’t

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Understanding DesignOps and Its Role in Design Teams copy
Breaking Down Silos to Improve Digital Product Development by UXPin

Breaking down silos makes it easier for everyone involved in a project to work together towards a common goal. Unfortunately, traditional working environments make cross-team collaboration different. Newer tools with a code approach can give you an easier way to eliminate organizational silos. Adopting team collaboration tools doesn’t always eliminate silos, though. The following steps

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