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Top 8 DS
Top 8 Design System Examples by UXPin

Many companies, such as Airbnb and Uber, have already switched to using a unique design system of their own. Constant innovation within the industry is an essential aspect of setting a brand apart from the competition and improving the user experience, especially for brands that operate on a global scale. Thanks to making the most

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Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design
Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design: What’s the Best Choice for Designers? by UXPin

Google has always recommended responsive web design (RWD), especially after rolling out a big update on 4/21/15 which ranked mobile-friendly sites higher. It doesn’t specify in the update that you must use responsive design though, just that a site be accessible on mobile, with good UX and performance. With that in mind, let’s examine the

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best design conferences in 2022
Best Design Conferences in 2022-23 by UXPin

One of the best things about being a part of the design community is that most designers love to exchange ideas, spread knowledge, and share their experiences regardless of their seniority level. You can be a starting designer or an established thought leader, and it’s almost a given that you find a design conference that

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collaborative prototyping
What is Collaborative Prototyping? by UXPin

We’re always looking for new ways to enhance prototyping and cross-functional collaboration. Collaborative prototyping is a “hyper-efficient” sprint methodology to create a prototype in one day. Bring collaboration between designers and developers to the ultimate level. Introduce a single source of truth for design and create high-fidelity interactive prototypes in minutes that devs can replicate

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internationalization vs localization app design
Internationalization and Localization – Key Differences in App Design by UXPin

Internationalization is crucial for startups and companies with global aspirations. If organizations want to succeed in an international market and compete locally, they must create relatable, locally relevant product experiences. Internationalization and localization go beyond translated text and currency changes. Designing experiences related to users, their cultures, and their environments create the trust necessary to

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