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How to Build and Manage An Effective Product Development Team
How to Build and Manage An Effective Product Development Team by UXPin

At the heart of every company, there is a critical function called product development that determines their long-term success. Regardless of what industry you operate in, your capacity to develop, validate, and bring new products to market is paramount. Research from the 280 Group showed that an optimized product development function on its own could

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What is UX Writing
What is UX Writing and Why You Need a UX Writer by UXPin

Nowadays, pretty much everyone knows what content writing is. But the same can’t be said about UX writing. And yet this new role within the product design team has become ever so important. So, what is UX writing, how does it fit into the design and product teams and what are the key principles of

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What Is a Prototype
What Is a Prototype: A Guide to Functional UX by UXPin

Prototyping is one of the most critical steps in the design process, yet prototypes still confuse some designers and project teams. A common misconception is that some designers refer to mockups as prototypes—which can confuse those who know otherwise! Prototypes are also not a series of sketches or a pixel-perfect prelaunch interface. In this post,

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Design handoff
Design Handoff – Creating a Better Experience for Designers and Developers by UXPin

The design handoff is a critical part of any project. For many designers and engineers, the design handoff is a stressful experience. If either team misses something, it could result in product defects and delays. While it’s primarily the responsibility of the UX team to produce prototypes, assets, and documentation, the design handoff process is

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UX Portfolio
UX Portfolio – All You Need to Know (with 10 Examples) by UXPin

In a competitive user experience design landscape, designers must ensure their UX portfolio stands out from the crowd. For some company’s a UX design portfolio is more important than where you went to school or what degree you hold. User experience is about solving human problems, which employers want to see in a UX portfolio—along

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