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How to Use UXPin Merge Patterns? A Quick Tutorial by UXPin

A product and its design system are ever-evolving projects. As the product scales, designers must create new UI patterns and components to meet business goals and user needs while solving usability challenges. Before designers can promote new patterns, they must create them! Furthermore, most organizations follow design system governance procedures, which could take time before

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UX Business Case – How to Build a Strong Case for Investing in Design by UXPin

With limited resources and competition from other departments, creating a compelling business case for UI/UX design initiatives is crucial to secure buy-in. You must prove you have the best solution and can execute your initiative successfully. This article discusses how user experience design professionals can create a convincing UX business case, including an example from

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How to choose the right mobile app design software
How to Choose the Right Mobile App Design Software? by UXPin

App design tools help craft smoother design processes – breathing life into concepts and bringing teams closer together.  However, mobile app development processes are often fraught with frustrations. Especially at the design handoff stage, which can derail the entire project through an endless volley of back-and-forths.  If you’re struggling to foster cross-departmental collaboration, if your

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Top app design trends for 2022 beyond
8 App Design Trends for 2022 & Beyond by UXPin

If you’re just about to launch an app (or update your existing one), then it’s essential to be aware of the latest app design trends. Here is a list of the top eight evolvements that you should be aware of in the coming years. 8 Mobile and Desktop App Design Trends Worth Knowing About 1.

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Introducing Merge npm Integration – A New Way of Importing Components by UXPin

We added a designer-friendly way of bringing UI code components into UXPin’s editor. It’s our new npm integration that makes Merge accessible to teams who lack active engineer’s support. Revolutionize Your Design Process with UXPin Merge UXPin with Merge technology allows you to create a new level of fidelity and interactivity in  prototypes, smoothen design

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Ant Design NPM Integration
How to Import Ant Design to UXPin? An npm Integration Guide by UXPin

Component-driven prototyping significantly improves user testing while providing stakeholders with realistic product design expectations. UXPin’s npm integration enables design teams to use open-source component libraries to design fully functioning, high-fidelity prototypes. Get on board the code-based design revolution with UXPin’s Merge technology and npm Integration. Discover more about component-driven prototyping that maximizes the use of

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