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Why use React
Why Use React in 2023 by UXPin

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook, designed to create interactive user interfaces for web apps. At this point, you might be thinking, “I’m a designer. Why use React if I’m not delving into lines of code every day?”.  Well, in this article, we’re unpacking the magic of React from a designer’s perspective, emphasizing

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figma component library
Figma Component Library vs UXPin Component Library – Which is Better? by UXPin

Figma Component Libraries are a great way to create and share reusable UI elements with team members. Designers can use Figma components to build user interfaces and prototypes, and they help to maintain consistency across projects.  However, Figma Component Libraries have some limitations, such as the inability to create interactive prototypes. UXPin Merge is a

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figma mui
Is MUI for Figma the Best Solution for Designers? [+ Alternative Inside] by UXPin

MUI (Material-UI) is a widely-used React UI framework built on Google’s Material Design principles, empowering organizations with customizable components and styles to align with brand standards.  This article delves deep into its MUI for Figma’s capabilities and limitations. We also explore the alternative approach of integrating MUI with UXPin’s Merge technology, including a real-world example

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Difference Between Figma vs AdobeXD vs UXPin
What’s the Difference Between Figma vs AdobeXD vs UXPin? by UXPin

Figma, AdobeXD, and UXPin are three leading user experience design tools for designing digital products. We compared these three platforms and how they stack up regarding UI design, mockups, prototyping, and collaboration. Read on to discover which design tool is best for your project demands and team needs. Key takeaways: Solve hidden usability issues and

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What is a Storybook
What is Storybook and Why Your Product Team Needs it? by UXPin

Building a UI component library makes it so much easier for your team to create designs that work well, conform to your brand’s style guide, and pass their work on to the developers who ultimately code products and release them to the world. In the long run, a UI component library saves more time and

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What is New at UXPin? We’re Back with Another Product Update by UXPin

It’s about time you log into UXPin app, build a new prototype and discover all those changes we’ll be talking about it here. Join us for a new product update. Take a look on our design technology for designing with UI coded components that are interactive by default. Discover UXPin Merge. Mobile prototype QR code

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