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Top 5 prototyping tools 1
Top 5 Prototyping Tools for 2022 by UXPin

With so many options available, choosing a UX prototyping tool can be overwhelming and confusing – they all seem to do the same thing, right? For the most part, yes. But when you start comparing code-based design tools with their image-based counterparts, there are noticeable differences – primarily with prototyping, functionality, and fidelity. We’re going

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productivity hacks for ux designers
7 Productivity Hacks for UX Designers by UXPin

Maximizing productivity is vital for UXers and product managers who are often under tight project deadlines. Startups and small teams also seek UX productivity tips to maximize limited resources. Whether you suffer from procrastination or just want to increase your value as a UX designer, this article offers actionable advice to optimize your UX team’s

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cognitive friction
Cognitive Friction in UX Design – Good or Bad? by UXPin

Incorporating cognitive friction to improve user experience sounds like an oxymoron, but it can have positive effects in the right circumstances. Friction is vital for protecting users and ensuring they don’t complete tasks accidentally. The more familiar users get with a digital product and design patterns, the more likely they are to work on autopilot,

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Programming Languages for UX Designer
Which Programming Languages Will You Hear About as a UX Designer? by UXPin

With hundreds of programming languages, it can be overwhelming for UX and product designers to comprehend or decide which one is worth learning. While learning code isn’t essential for a UX designer’s job, it can help them understand technical constraints and improve collaboration with development teams. This article explores six programming languages for UI/UX designers

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Footer design
Footer Design – Best Practices Together with 6 Examples by UXPin

Website footers are essential UI patterns. They guide visitors to important content while providing an excellent opportunity to add business value and connect with new customers. This article explores website footer design, do’s and dont’s, expert examples, and best practices to inspire your next web project. Prototype UI designs at higher fidelity and advanced functionality

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How to Turn Your Design System into an NPM package
How to Turn Your Design System into an npm Package? by UXPin

Merge’s npm integration gives design teams more control to import fully functional component libraries from the npm registry. The benefit of designing prototypes with a component library is designers get full functionality and fidelity without writing a single line of code! If you’re unsure what any of this “npm stuff” means, don’t worry, this article

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Dashboards vs Data Reports
Dashboards vs. Data Reports – Which is Better For Your User? by UXPin

Many designers ask when trying to come up with the best way of presenting data: Are we designing a dashboard or report user interface? As with everything in product development and UX design, it depends on the user’s needs! Understanding the difference between dashboards vs reports is crucial for presenting the right data visualization to

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